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June 29
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After everything that had happened, It was considered a miracle that you were still alive. The only difference is that you were physically alive but mentally and emotionally, you may as well be close to your breaking point. The events of what happened few days before still fresh in your mind, and the memory of seeing your comrades eaten and torn apart by those…monsters only made you cringe and shed tears for those who couldn’t make it like you have.

Tired (e/c) soon took in the now decimated town that was once known as Trost, a tight line etched onto your face as you looked towards the once massive hole that was once a way for the titans to come in now covered by a giant boulder that sealed it completely. This was considered a victory to humanity, but to you it just meant the prolonging of another invasion that would happen only lord knows when.

‘Eren…Mikasa…Armin…Please be ok’ You thought to yourself, heart aching at the fact that your three closest friends could not be with you to celebrate this.

A sigh escapes your lips as you walked away from the view and down to where your comrades from the 104th regiment were recovering from the events that most likely scarred them for life. This wouldn’t be the first time you had seen bloodshed, but never of this magnitude like the fall of Wall Maria. Along with the trio, you were also one of the survivors of the tragedy that took place in Zhiganshina where the never-ending screams of terror and fear still rung in your ear like a loud bell from church and the image of your parents being eaten haunting you three years later.

Seeing some of your brothers and sisters in arms missing indicated to you that they probably rounded them up to pick up the corpses of the dead civilians and soldiers who met with death sooner then they should have. Feeling yourself close to passing out, you decide to isolate yourself into the medical hall, where injured soldiers were now healing and being taken care of by the medics. You rest against one of the chairs in the main hallway, the back of your (c/h) head resting against the cold walls as you soon passed out.

~Time Skip~

A few days passed since the invasion and it seems that everything going on was passing before your own eyes. Eren joining the survey corps under the observation of Lance Corporal Levi Ackerman (Who honestly gave you the chills when you heard of what happened at Eren’s Military Trial regarding his fate), and that most of your comrades who somehow changed their decision to join said survey corps instead of the military police like they originally intended (Jean being the most shocking one, though you couldn’t blame him after the sudden discovery of Marco’s body in Trost).

Somehow, you ended up finding yourself joining the survey corps  even though the others knew you would follow your close friends into the legion as well. Currently, you were catching up with Armin and Mikasa in the dining hall, Both of them explaining about what had transpired during the battle within Trost, including the fact that Eren was a titan shifter (which made you laugh in your mind considering the irony of this whole thing).

“We’re sorry we couldn’t contact you sooner, (f/n). You must’ve been worried sick about us” Armin said meekly while Mikasa watched you with concerning eyes.

You smiled to the two softly as you looked out one of the window “As long as you guys are alive, that’s all that matters to me right now. Speaking of us…where’s Eren?” You asked the two, wondering where in the world he was at now.

“Awww does someone miss titan boy?” remarked a smirking Jean as he sat down next to you. Normally, you wouldn’t mind him sitting with you since you held nothing against him but that look in his eyes made you wonder what the fuck he wanted.

“Is there something you need, Pony boy?” You asked with a smirk, enjoying how he glared at your nickname for him while Armin tried holding back a laugh and Mikasa hiding a smile behind that red scarf.

“Actually yes, I was thinking you would go and give this to Eren” He said while shoving a basket full of cleaning products in your lap.

Normally, you would’ve thrown the bucket back into his face and made a stark remark to the two-toned colored hair male but you figured that you would take this chance to see your best friend and long-time crush.

“Be lucky I’m not throwing this back into your face, little pony” came the remark from you before standing up and heading out of the mess hall with said bucket to give to the titan

If someone were to come up to you and ask if you had feelings for Eren, Your mind would deny it but your heart wouldn’t. Nobody understood your goals and feelings better than him and Vice Versa, but at most times you would feel that he only saw you as his friend and nothing more than that mainly because of how he and Mikasa were with each other. You held nothing against your female best friend but still the feeling of jealousy kicked in whenever you saw the two together.

You soon reached the young male, a smile appearing on your face as you called him from the stables that he was cleaning “Eren!”

“f/n! What are you doing here?” He asked, confusion mixed with relief in his eyes as he looked at you while returning your smile

“Well…Horse face was supposed to bring this to you but he passed it off from me. It’s from Corporal Levi” You said to him as you handed him the bucket of cleaning supplies.

“Thanks f/n. I was starting to run out of these out here” He took the bucket with a slight smile, electricity brushing from the contact of his fingers against yours as a soft blush rose to your cheeks before pulling your hands to your sides

‘I wonder if he felt it too…probably not’ you thought to yourself as you watched him continue where he left off.

---Eren’s POV---
I started going back to cleaning the stables but couldn’t really concentrate with [f/n] watching me from the sides with that beautiful smile of hers.

‘I wonder what she’s thinking about…she doesn’t look happy like usual. Is she ok?’ I thought to myself while stealing side glances to her when she wasn’t looking. I know you’re not suppose to fall in love, especially when you’re in the military since it’s deemed that emotions would only get in the way of your ambitions.

“I don’t care if it does get in the way…f/n’s worth everything to me and I won’t give up my feelings for her!’ I stood up straight, looking at her fully as she blinked

“Eren? You ok?” she asked with a bit of concern as she tilted her head cutely towards me.

“F/n…There’s something you need to know” I said while walking up to her, backing her up against the stable wall as my hands cupped her now rosy cheeks softly with my body pressed against her own

“E-Eren?” She said my name nervously, her eyes never leaving mine as I leaned in closer to her, my lips inches from hers while whispering

“f/n…I want you to know that I’ve always thought of you more than a friend…more than a sister…You’re everything I could’ve wanted in a girl and there’s no one else I want as much as you right here, right now”

---F/n’s POV---

W-What’s going on with him? Why is he acting this way?

“f/n…I want you to know that I’ve always thought of you more than a friend…more than a sister…You’re everything I could’ve wanted in a girl and there’s no one else I want as much as you right here, right now”

I felt a pressure on my lips from his own, my mind spazzing out at what was happening right now ‘he’s kissing me….oh my fucking god he’s kissing me!’

Slowly, my eyes started closing on their own, my lips pressing back against his in a kiss that was gentle and sweet with my arms sliding around his neck. His arms soon found their way around my waist, holding my body closer to his own to where there was no space between us.
His tongue slid along my lower lip, wanting entrance into my mouth as I parted my lips for him and felt the slick muscle explore the unknown territory and claiming it as his. A soft moan slipped from my throat, causing him to smirk against my lips as the kiss became more heated and passionate before he wrapped my legs around his waist and rested his hands along my ass and gave it a light squeeze.

I tore my lips from his own, panting hotly and catching my breath before his lips slid down to the sweet spot between my neck and shoulder, suckling and biting along my skin as I whimpered his name “Eren, someone might see us”.

“Let them see then. You belong to me now” He growled against my skin as he left his love bites along my neck and down my chest, causing me to let out another moan and shiver against him as my fingers ran through his hair and tug on it a bit while my hips grinded against his unintentionally.

“What are you two shit heads doing?!” Came a loud and angry voice as I looked behind Eren, a chill being sent down my spine as Corporal Levi stood there with an agitated and disgusted face towards the two of us before Eren set me down and separated himself from me while saluting Levi the best he could.

“H-Heichou Levi, Sir!” Poor Eren…He looked nervous and honestly, I wouldn’t blame him. He did look up (though realistically, looked down) to Heichou-Sama and as much as a OCD short clean freak he is, There’s a reason why he’s named Humanity’s Strongest Soldier.

“Tch…Just get back to work and don’t let me catch you two slacking off again!” He scolded to the both of us (Mostly Eren) before stomping back to his office. I sighed in relief as I looked at Eren with a blushing face

“f/n…Do you feel the same about me?” he asked me in a nervous voice. Knowng him, he probably thought I was going to reject him and say I was in love with someone else.

I smiled softly towards him, walking to him as I held his hands in mine “Eren…You’re the only one I need in my life…No one else can have my heart because you already have it” I said before pressing my lips to his in a loving and gentle kiss, smiling as he returned my kiss with as much love as he had in him

If someone had asked me if I loved the boy known as Eren Jaeger, the soldier who was now humanity’s last hope against the titans and the boy who held my heart like no one else could, I would have to say that love couldn’t describe the feelings I had for him. Only one sentence best fits about I feel when it came to him:

He is my everything
My first Eren Jaeger one-shot! :D Please tell me what you think in the comments please~ c:
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WolvesPrideStudios Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, you did an awesome job! And to think you commented on one of my stories, I feel special Q^Q I can already feel myself blushing~ >///< I hope to see more from you! I'll add you to my watch! :heart:
KiraAmaterasu Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much x3 There's also my most recent release that revolves around a certain cleaning fairy ;D
LilianaTrainer26 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
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Amazing!! I love this and him so much.^_^
KiraAmaterasu Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Arigato ^.^
Rainbow-Pop-Tart-Cat Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This is amazing!!!!!!<3!!!
KiraAmaterasu Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Rainbow-Pop-Tart-Cat Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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